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I'm asking these questions because recently I moved back to where I grew up and I have to say I do not belong here. My politics are different ( I'm a liberal, where republicans/conservatives abound) my sense of humor is different......but then again maybe it's just me ROFL When I can, I'm going back to the west coast, somewhere out there, where I feel I belong. I'm not picky, just going to the other coast. Probably will travel to southern california, oregon and washington. I'll stay here and there in Colorado and Arizona. It's just me I guess

I'm sensing with me, it's a place where I belong, an area, with water, sense of self and family. When my Dad goes, there won't be anything here where I am to hold me and it's a relief

I'm just thinking part of anyone's sense of self and happiness is where they are. Anyone have a comment?
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