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My Insecurities!!!

I was involved in a very abusive relationship 4 yrs. ago. Everything I owned and loved, was the target for my abusive husband. He managed to destroy my life and my stuff.
Well, we are four yrs. later and I react so severly to my stuff getting broke or destroyed. I can't help it. The family heirlooms are all divied up, and now I have none for my future generations.
Well, my boyfriend is my everything. He is amazing. He was cleaning my carpets today, my stuff went out on our deck. Well, we have high winds sometimes and my plants, that I rescued from my mother, fell off my deck. Now, they look awful. I nursed these plants four yrs. now, and they were gorgeous. Now, there is only one stem left. I got so upset. I am so afraid to lose anything, now. I hurt his feelings. When something breaks, I feel like I'm going to loose everything, again.
Please give me some advise, on controlling my feeling of loss. I have already said my apologies and explained to him. He understands. But, I don't want to freak out everytime something breaks.
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