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Not sure where to put this but here goes...

We rented Harry Potter tonight. With our Blockbuster receipt we received this notice:

"Now, when you rent Harry Potter on DVD between 5/28/02 and 6/10/02 at this store location, you can purchase one (1) previously rented DVD copy of Harry Potter for just $9.99 plus tax! The original receipt (no copies) showing the rental of Harry Potter must be presented at time of purchase of the previously rented copy to receive the promotional price and promotional price only applies to a purchase on the same BLOCKBUSTER membership account as the rental. You must purchase the previously rented copy by 12/10/02...."

Although it says "this store location" it appears to be a national promotion. It also says "There may be a substantial delay between the release of Harry Potter and its availability as a previously rented product." but it's something to keep in mind.
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