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Holiday time already? Are you ready?

(((( Ladies ))))

As we all know this time of year is stressful, a big pain in the oOoOpalOompa... Yes the Holidays.. We are just shy of 2 months for the Turkey and 3 months for the ever so popular Christmas day.
I am curious to see how many of us have started our Holiday headache early?

I myself have started buying turkey day items, and have gotten the old tree out and testing light strands.. (think I am in a hurry to get it over with) ROFL..

Will start more shopping next week for the boys. Bought alot of things last January, when everything was on sale.. ROFL.. (You can get good deals that way)
Don't think I am buying for the new baby this year. Maybe an outfit or two.. Little to young to know what the Holiday means..

Anyway, I am wondering off the subject, LOL..

So, are you ready?
Check your list twice
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