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Online Relationship

Personally I don't advocate that people should get serious about online relationship. Having said that, after 5 years of chat & having come across thousands of guys, I've scored some experience points in this area. I can now tell the real nice genuine guys from the deceitful ones just from the way these guys conduct a conversation. As with all relationship, if anyone hopes to find love online, BE very careful and proceed with caution. However, on a more positive note, I have myself met my partner through online chat. Interestingly, we were both located in opposite sides of the globe (well almost). We've met twice and it's been almost 2 years since we started chatting and we are still feel pretty much for each other. He will be joining me soon where I am. We both would like to give it a try. It will require a lot of guts and a large dose of consideration and patience to make it work as we're both of different racial background. However, we are not banking everything on too much cos we understand that being and living together is never the same as a long distance relationship. We want to be realistic about it.
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