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Hi fellow cat people! I have a great little cat named Ozzy. He's a shelter rescue cat. I was going to adopt a kitten, but went through the adult cat section because there were no kittens, and every cat seemed content...but one. One cat, terrified, gave me *THE LOOK* - "get me OUT of here!" A volunteer opened the cage, and I stroked his head, and he patted my arm with his tail. We bonded. I went back again the next day, having slept on it, and the poor cat was in "lockdown." He'd pitched a fit at one of the volunteers, riled up the other cats, and no one was allowed to touch him. Again, he singled me out with pleading eyes, and I knew I had to get him out of there. The people at the shelter thought I was nuts, to want an "incorrigible" cat. Well, I'd seen his gentle side, and was convinced he just needed love and quiet surroundings to be fine. It took a few days of going back every day, but finally a delightful Scottish woman was on duty, and when I explained the whole story to her and she seemed receptive, I convinced her to come to the cage with me. The little cat calmed down as I spoke to him and gave him "kitty blinks." The Scottish woman hesitantly opened his cage for me, and he immediately thrust his head under my hand to be petted, and again patted my arm with his big, fluffy tail. The Scottish woman said, "You two belong together." Yay! That day, I took him home, finally, and have never regretted it. I named him Ozzy after Mr. Osbourne, for having the dubious distinction of causing a several-kitty riot/lockdown at the shelter. <g><p>
I've had Ozzy for about a year now, and he's really a great cat. Most of the time he's a real sweetheart! He still grumble-growls sometimes when I pick him up, and occasionally hisses, but I've decided it's because he was both declawed and neutered before I adopted him, and he has no other way to assert himself. (They had him mis-identified as female in the shelter, and found out differently when they sent "her" to get spayed. Thank goodness the vet figured it out before they cut him open!) <p>
From the very first day, he's been the joy of my life! He greets me when I come home from work, and hangs out on the bed beside my computer when I'm online or working on the computer. He jumps on the bed, then walks up and kneads my stomach before I go to sleep. It seems to be a reassurance he needs. I love having him with me when I'm trying to fall asleep, since I'm a terrible insomniac and find him very soothing company.<p>
I've made my own style of catnip toys - I take an an old sock, stuff it with some dried catnip, and secure it with an elastic hairband. He chews on it and tosses it around like a little nutcase. <g>. He has some other toys that he'll get a wild hair to play with, but only if it's his *own* idea. I found a really cool thing at the pet store, too - catnip bubbles. You blow bubbles, and the cat chases them both for the catnip scent and the oddness of bubbles. It took a couple of tries before Ozzy caught on, but now he watches the bubbles, tries to sniff the ones that land on his fur, and eventually starts trying to stalk and pounce on them. It's a fun game for him and me both. Since I'm such a doting "mom," here's a link to some pictures of <a href=""> <b>Ozzy</b> </a>on the day I brought him home. (They're a ways down the page, past the Harleys and Klingons. <g>) I also have pictures of Nordie, a black tom I took in from friends who had a new baby and couldn't deal with a sick cat. The poor ole guy had liver/pancreatic cancer, and lasted about a year at my place before the cancer got him. There are also pictures of my dear old orange cat Candy, who lived with me for 10 of her ~16 years and was SO cool. I just loved her. She succommed to feline chronic renal failure about a year before Nordie. Candy was very special to me, and I miss her still. Thank goodness for Ozzy, and the fact that he's grown to love being hugged and cuddled. He's such a baby, I've decided - a fraidy cat when a big truck drives through the comdo complex, but the best comfort I could ask for when trying to thwart insomnia at night. Pet therapy, indeed!<p>
On the same webpage, there's a link to pictures of a tiger I've grown to love, too. His name is Drifter, and he lives at a wildlife sanctuary north of here. A guy who owns a carwash down here sponsors him, so I've seen him up very close, uncaged but on a chain lead, and I've visited him at his home in the canyon, too. If you like big cats, you might want to take a look at the pics of Drifter hanging out at the carwash fountain. <g>
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