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Hey Cookieart and SusieB and Other friends! Well as an old timer for chatting I WOULD RATHER SEE A SCHEDULED CHAT EACH WEEK than a one time "hi - I havent seen you in ages" chat. As MoonWOW even admitted she has NOT sent out a Weaver since January and Tapestry gets a new article about every few months there too.(Maybe this is a clue to why there seems to be a change at WOW a lack of caring about a Job that a person does)..I go chats every week and seen the folks drop to now the Host, Helperbot and one/two chatters if lucky.

I love WOW but unless someone decides to turn this slow death of WOW around its not even worth the effort to come to the boards to read a handful of messages asking about a "one time get together for a chat" Lets get WOW back to where it was a Year Ago! Attend the scheduled chats; Ask for More scheduled chats; Get those WOWS even into the chat rooms (how can you believe in WOW if you can't even show up to chat and support the Hard Working Hosts)... 4 hosts doing a scheduled chats isnt much of show of what this organization is capable of.

Then again maybe the powers that be would rather just Let WOW Chat Rooms DIE so they only have a website with a hanful of folks posting; lot easier to control. Just let the two (who I call the ?watchdogs?) out and they scare off folks who at one time posted but been snapped at by the watchdogs or read others being snapped that they read but don?t post anymore.

My opinion is just that an opinion?but I hope this shakes up WOW folks.
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