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Hello there and hello again!!!! I am fixing drinks, so whatever your choice drink is I'll fix it right up!!!! Please feel comfortable and relax to the soothing sounds of the jazz music!!

I am currently living in North Dakota with my husband and our two children. We have a son Jared and a daughter Darian!!! They are terriffic and are growing up so fast and we can't stop it. Already Jared is 4 and Darian is fixing to be 2. Neither of them can be queit for 5 minutes, except when sleeping of course. <G> They are sooooooo much fun and also the greatest thing I have ever done.

I don't much care for North Dakota because it is just too cold for me especially after living in Texas for a couple of years. They call this place Why Not Minot, but I defintely know why not. However we are making the best of it of course. <WEG>

Okay so maybe not, but I am very comfortable here and super glad to be here. Please come visit as often as you like and of course whatever your drink wish is my command.
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