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Well, listening to recorded books is a personal choice. Lots of people don't enjoy them. I have learned to look for books read by professional readers like Richard Ferrone, Barbara Rosenblatt, Kate Burton, and others. I rarely listen to books abridged books, but I rarely read them either. Books read by the author are generally boring to listen to I think due to lack of training in voice manipulation. A good reader can change voice characterizations and maintain the different characters throughout the story. I get almost all of mine through the library.

They range in length from 1 cassettes to 20 or more. The CD version of Lord of the Rings is 14 CDs long. Stalker by Faye Kellerman is 14 CDs long, and The Lion's Game was in two sets and was 28 cassettes long. I listen to them while doing housework, crafts, folding laundry, mopping floors, doing yard work, walking, exercising, driving and so on.

It's an acquired taste. I've grown to enjoy it so much that I always get two or three at a time. Some readers voices grate on my nerves and I just don't bother with that book, so I have others in reserve.
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