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I have been there.The truth is the best thing I did for myself and my kid was divorcing him. Sweety you married too young that's all and it is time to let go. It sounds as if your have very supportive parents. When he isn't around sit them down and tell them you are sorry but you made a mistake by marring this jerk and you want to know how they feel about you ending things.
I will warn you of a few things. It will be very hard at first but stay strong. He will always be a part of your life as you share a son. He will tell you anything to keep you tied down to him so if things don't work out for him he knows he has you to fall back on.
Last, get some counseling.Even if it's just to have an outsider to talk to, it can be very helpful. Trust me on that one. My counselor has kept me from killing my roommate more times than I can count.
Good luck kid and keep us posted.
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