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Irish..our store here will only take them if they are in color. Some, like Target, and Walmart - it depends on the checker you get. So, I save my internet coupons for the actual GROCERY stores - like Kroger and Safeway.

the site I use is called the grocery game. It costs me $20 every 8 weeks and what they do is match up the sales with the coupons from the past umpteen weeks that are current and valid. They have use a system on the lists - if it's green, it's free with a coupon, if it's blue, then your coupon puts it at the lowest price this store will put it at in the next 12 weeks (based on past history of store sales over the past two years), and if its in black, it's an ok deal, but don't stock up on it cuz it's not the lowest price. Anything that isn't on the list but it is in the flyer - well, those are not great deals really, and the price will definitely go lower soon.

I've learned alot from this site over the past year. Like, sales go in 12 week cycles!! and they really do!!! so, if something is a rockbottom great deal, and it's a non-perishable, buy enough to last you through the 12 weeks until it goes on sale again.

I bought Crest Pro Care toothpast a few weeks ago for $.78 a tube! it's my normal brand, and what a price! I collected extra coupons from neighbors, friends, and my coupon train, and bought 5 tubes. We use about a tube every three weeks in my house. So, this should last us until it goes on sale again. Shampoo, makeup, tp, papertowels, etc. I do that with!

It's been more than 8 months since I paid more than $1.50 for a box of cereal. For me or the kids. I bought 24 boxes of oatmeal last january, and am just now running out - but I paid less than $1 for each box. It's the new stuff with almonds and honey...

Ok..soo..if you don't want to pay for the service, has a free service that they offer that does something similar, but I tried it and it was a little confusing to me.

I use a binder with baseball card inserts in it for my coupons. I clip/organize/and match coupons to my list every sunday. takes me about an hour.

And... if i save less than 55% off my total, it's because it was an "impromptu" trip, and I should have planned better~!

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