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oh how I wish the stores up here took coupons Other than their sale flyers ones!

When I lived in St. Louis wow the Wednesday and Sunday Paper where filled with the weekly coupons for the different stores.

The Anchorage paper has maybe two little flyers Usually hair/makeup stuff coupons or baby food/diapers. Non which we use LOL.

I spent wayyyy too much for food items. So I've been visiting the one store's "Clearance Corner" day old breads or maybe one corner got smashed of the wheat dinner rolls, cookies that the frosting got pressed into. Great deals I get this awesome wheat/7grain french bread that is 3.29 normally for 1.29. They also have a corner for the meats also. The meat sale by date is say 9/10 and so it is sold they cut the price of it in half. I'll gotten steak that go for 18.00 for 8.50 this way!

Can goods I only buy when on sale like 3 for 99. I'm pretty well stock up there cause I only buy beans or stewed/diced tomatoes All other can veggies the salt for me is too high. I buy Frozen veggies when they are 2 for 1 or buy 2 get 1 free.

Its the other things that also wreck our 'budget' diary products, dog treats, bird food and treats.

This month we are on a tight budget...I going to try going all month and ONLY buying the perishables. Got a freezer (top of refridge) full of things to be eaten. A pantry full of pasta's, can goods, and all kinds of dried fruits.

Will let you know how that works. Esp since MrTiff lol Does Not like Leftovers...well he will be eating lots of those this month! LOL
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