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That reminds me of the times when our grandmother used to come and live with us. She'd save all the left overs and freeze them. One a month she's make her "goulosh". I do believe that's when I discovered ketchup. To this day I eat food with my ketchup.

On another note. I spent $30 the other week at the grocery store and made 2 meatloafs, a huge pot of spaghetti sauce and enough breakfast burritos for a week. The spaghetti sauce was enough for 2 meals of spaghetti and a pasta bake.

If you like breakfast burritos, they're really simple and cheap to make and they freeze well. Pop them in the microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds and they're ready to eat on the run.

DAC, when the kids and I lived in the apartments I had several friends who were single parents living paycheck to paycheck. Right before payday was very lean times. We'd all get together and go through our cabinets, fridge and freezers and meet one night at someones place to plan the weeks menus. It's amazing what we'd come up with. It didn't matter if all you had was a box of pasta or a jar of sauce, we were all in the same boat and willing to share with each other.
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