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I love soups and stews! Crockpots are awesome for taking tough ole meat and making them so tender and yummy!

I will quick fry any meat that I seasoned which is the key to flavor folks to get a nice brown edge (and the scrappings really add flavor to the whole pot also) then I will toss into crockpot. Since I don't work I put on high for an hour. At hours end I add veggies and just 1/4 to 1/2 water or wine. Wine really makes super stews. The alcahol cooks out but the taste it brings to the veggies and meat is just wonderful. I cook for another 3 hours.

I don't like lamb but have made lamb stew 3 times this way using the wine and loved the meal!

DCL I think that end of month thing with friends sounded great! I think folks should even try it nowdays!

When shopping do you do the math...I do! Example papertowels I buy 3 in pack 4.59 total towels 475 or single roll on sale 1.99 with 250 towels. I buy the single roll in this case! Got two of them and got more paper towels at way lower cost. By the way we use Brawny pick a size. Way better less waste cause the small size in width does just as much clean up as a full sheet of other brand towel!
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