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A Child's Laughter

The summer after a girl turned 6, her family moved into a little house...4 rooms downstairs and 2 rooms upstairs. Even in the summer the 2 upstairs rooms were cool, which is odd because we all know that heat rises. It wasnt long before other odd things began to happen.
Thinking the upstairs rooms would be great as a bedroom and a playroom for the girl and her brother, their mom started cleaning the rooms. She discovered attics on both sides. Those attics quickly began to fill up with unused items.
Mom was cleaning out the attic in one of the rooms and found old stuff, like old bags of walnuts, etc. and she kept noticing how cold it was in there.She felt like she was being watched. She would turn around only to find herself alone. The she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She turned to see who it was, only to find herself alone again. This unnerved the mother, so she left.
She later had the same experience, so she kept the attic door locked. It was then she decided to stop letting the girl and her brother sleep up there and have the rooms as a playroom only.
One night the mother had fallen asleep on the couch while watching tv only to be awakened by running and giggling upstairs. She also thought it was entirely too late for the child to be up. So she got up to go tell the girl to go back to bed. The entry to the upstairs was in the kids' room. She glanced over at the kids and they were both snug in their beds. Imagine her surprise to see her children sound asleep.
The mother thought they had a ghost and the dad thought the mom was having vivid dreams. The mom asked the landlord if there had been any unusual disturbances or deaths in their house. The only thing the landlord could tell her was that they had lost a baby girl at birth and then they moved away.
The mother told a friend about the ghost and it was soon that the friend's teenage daughters were begging to have a sleepover in the upstairs room. So one Friday night the girls were all camped out upstairs and while they didnt see anything or hear any laughter, it wasnt long before they all went downstairs. It was just too cold to sleep and they felt like they were being watched all the time.
Dad became convinced too. One afternoon he and the mom were working in the garden when he went inside to get a drink. He then heard the running and laughter. He thought it was the kids, so he called their names and told them to settle down. He went back outside and hadnt gotten off the porch when he saw the children playing on the swingset.
They lived in the house about a year and a half and they all heard the child's laughter. The ghost was pleasant and never did anything but play. They never found out who the ghostchild was or why it was there. But she must have been happy at that old house.
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