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A Visit from a Friend

When Sara was 12, her family moved to Tennessee. The first friend she made was a girl named Wanda. They would spend hours on the phone. They were both shy, so they became best friends quickly.
One night Sara went to bed a little later than usual. She hadnt talked to Wanda in about a week, but for some reason Sara couldnt get Wanda off her mind. Sara had a rough time going to sleep, but she finally drifted off thinking she would call Wanda the next day.
Sara awoke during the night feeling panicked. She turned over and what she saw made her blood run cold. She saw Wanda dressed in an oversized football jersey and she was looking at Sara with a strange expression on her face. She seemed more confused than scared. What frightened Sara were Wanda's eyes. In place of where her eyes would have been were flames. This sight scared Sara so badly, she threw the covers over her head. She tried to rationalize her thoughts by thinking she had had a bad dream and woke up before it ended. So she uncovered her head, but Wanda was still standing there.
Wanda turned to look behind her, looked at Sara again, as if she were sorry about something and then disappeared.
It took hours for Sara to go back to sleep. Sara was awakened the next morning by her mom saying she had a phone call. She made her way to the phone and was told Wanda had died the night before.
Wanda's house had caught on fire. The firemen arrived quickly and put a ladder to her window. Wanda looked down at her pleading parents on the ground below. She turned around, and then disappeared back into the burning house.
They found Wanda cuddled up with her brother. They think she heard her brother and turned back to go get him. Sara was afraid to ask what Wanda was wearing, she had already heard too much.
Sara doesnt know why Wanda came to her that night. Maybe just to say goodbye, but it has caused Sara many sleepless nights since.
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