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The House Next Door
A true story wiether you choose to believe it or not.

When I was about 12 my mother moved us to a little town in Pa called Endevor. We lived in a nice white house on route 666. Next door to us on the left as a small trailor, to the right a shell of a burnt down house. The first week that we were there everything was nice. It was summer, I had made a friend and the house was coming along. One night however I had woke to the sound of a girl crying. Thinking it was my baby sister I got up to have a look. My sister, Grace was sleeping peacefully, and the crying had gottin louder. I looked around for the source and found it was coming from outside my window. My window was on the righ side of our house which made me very confused. No one lived to the right of us. I went my window to look and saw that a light was on in the upstairs window of burnt house. Frightened I ran back to bed and hid, but the crying would not stop. The next day I was outside search for some reason for the nightly activity. Suddenly a little girl in a pink dress came around the corner of the house holding a jump rope. She watched me for a moment then walked away. I went after her, but could not find her any where. That night the crying happened again. Being the quistive girl I am, I went to my window to see if the light in the house next door was on. This time I saw the house up in flames. I never went near the house next door agian.
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