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Although I read these folders I usually keep quiet. I figure, who the hell needs some straight chick leaving her two cents all over the place! I'm mouthy enough as it is.<g>

BUT... I gotta, I just gotta. I love this show! I don't have Showtime; I too waited for the DVD's. I'm sort of glad I did, I love being able to watch a whole season without waiting a week for a new episode!

It's a great show and the acting just floors me! All of the actors, regulars and guests are fantastic, but Kelly Lynch as Ivan is just amazing!

It is going to be very difficult not to order Showtime in January. The checkbook says no, but the nos are becoming whispers, growing very faint now.<g>

btw.. I don't want to say too much since not everyone has seen the entire season, but I am REALLY pissed at Bette right now!!!
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