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What are your beliefs?

What are your beliefs? I realy would like to know. My mom didn't raise me to discriminate people. So race, religion what ever it doesn't matter to me. I've always gone by what someone says and does. The way I see it how can I say someone is wrong about their beliefs if I don't have all the awnsers. No sorry. Noone made me a goddess yet. I do beleave that their is a god among other things. I do not think he cares where you worship him/her. Not sure what gender god is. God never told me. I just talk to god. I've learned that God is not a genie, no instant wish granting. I think god hears us when we talk to god. I also think that there is so much more out then I will ever know. Your beliefs are your own. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong. How can you know the absolute truth if you are not dead yet? So tell me what do you beleave in? I will not judge.I am just curious.
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