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I really want to go to the Great Barrier reef. Been to most other parts of Australia, but missed that, I don't know why either Japan is also a "must do" and maybe I'd remember some of the Japanese classes I attended, as I certainly can't recall much at the moment!
Drifting (well sort of, but not quite, with someone steering) through Venice on a gondola is pretty wonderful.

Liam, come on over! The natives are friendly and the scenery is to behold. Roo, you and Merms should come on over. Heading out to some of the small villages around, you could fish, and we could shop!

One point of information. If you go to the Lakes here, make sure you have your own transport. It would seem they like folk to hike otherwise!

Oh, and I've been to the South Island of New Zealand. Touching a glacier there was a pretty amazing moment.
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