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Oh JenDoc that sounds so lovely. I'd love to see the pyramids, too. Actually, I'd like to visit Machu Pichu. I think that would be spriritual.

I'm going to northern California in a few days to work with my husband's running team. I'm the support crew. They are running a 100 mile race along the America River on the Western States Trail. It's quite a challenge, and I'm looking forward to the adventure. After the race, I'm going to San Franscisco to spend a couple of days with friends in the Bay area. It's a nice way to see the country, but to be honest...I don't feel like I'm getting much of a vacation out of it. Much of the trip is revolving around my husband's running team, and frankly, while they are all very nice people, there's something screwy about <u>wanting</u> to run for 100 miles! They're nuts!

Good think I can still picture Belize in my mind....
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