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((((((((((Minty, WA, Irish Eyes, Addie))))))))))

Didn't ever read Hemingway, but of course, I know the "story" behind the paso doble (thanks for the spelling lesson). At the risk of being ignorant, is a corrida a bull fight? Where did you see it?

Here's a story to leave you all ROFL:

I used to wear spandex body suits and wrap-around skirts when I used to go to the discos. One night, I was dancing with this guy who was a really good dancer. After a little while, I noticed that my skirt had untied. Although it didn't fall off, I had to stop dancing to unwrap it to get it back together. The guy was so embarassed; all I could do was laugh - histerically. I thought it was hilarious! My friends and I were pratically ROFL.

Sorry Irish Eyes, I can't relate prior to the seventies, since I was born mid 50's - although I love a good jitterbug!

PS: I hope that ROFL is rolling of floor laughing. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
"Great dancers are not great because of their technique...they are great because of their passion." --Martha Graham
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