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I think our now, now, now world has us forgetting just how long things take. We are certainly teaching them to fish...the US is not an imperialist nation; it prefers to have stake in some countries but not actually govern them. The Iraqi people are excited to vote and do vote. They are excited to enlist in the Iraqi Army and do so. They are excited to be part of the police force and they do. In fact, much of the actual fighting now is done by the Iraqis, with the US as a helpful "show of force" to prevent a running over of the fledgling nation.

As for paying us back...I don't think they owe us anything. We were the ones that destroyed their country, their infrastructure, their government. That was all us. We owe it to them to break it, you buy it. Iraq owes us nothing. We're the ones that shat all over their country, not the other way around. That's like paying for the medical expenses for a stranger you hit with your car, then asking, " that I paid for your medical expenses, what are you going to do for me?" The person would look at you like you're crazy because the only reason the medical expenses existed was because you ran them over. The only reason we're spending so much time and effort rebuilding Iraq is because we destroyed it. How can you say that Iraq owes us anything? How do you see the situation?
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