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A Special Letter to LondonLee

Dear LondonLee:

I mourn the loss of you. I rage at the injustice of your passing.

I have been waiting and waiting for you to come into the room so that we can continue our discussions about finding your talent. There have been many new words and typos that needed to be added to the book you were keeping. There has been all kinds of shinanigans going on in the room that I needed to give you an update on...especially about our resident trouble makers shana and Mags. And even our anti has been trouble making too!

Gawd how I miss you, LondonLee. Is shewhois with you? Are you safe and happy and dancing together? Please, could you send us some healing white light to help take the sorrow away?

LondonLee, I thank you for the wonderful times we had. You are a class act and I feel blessed to have known you. <sob> Gawd, LL. I can't believe you're gone. Can you give us some sort of sign that you're ok or something?

I want you to know, where ever you are, that you were one of our most valued, cherish, loved roomies ((((LL )))))))). How we'll miss you and cherish the memories of your time with us.

Am I a super spammer yet?
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