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Friendship, please explain!

I didnīt know where to put this thread. But, can anyone explain this behaviour to me? Naimly, I had this 2 girlfriends in high school. We werent best friends or anything. They were just 2 friends with whom I got along a little better than with other class members. But, we continued to socialize occasionally evan after high school, for like 3 years after. Then I realized I donīt want to socialize with them anymore. I changed and wanted to move on. I realized we have nothing incommon and also they betrayed my trust once. So, I decided not to call them anymore and not to answer their calls or messages. I just decided to dissapear. After about a year one of them sent me a message saying that she is getting married and that she would like to meet up with me to invite me to her wedding. I didnīt want to go to her wedding, but I congratulated her and decided to meet with her just for a little chat. So, when we met, the other girl was there too and they admited that they made up the whole story just to get me to meet with them. They considered it very funny. I didnīt. They also said that they wanted to go knocking at my door, but didnīt because they thought my mother would get scared. I thought to myself, I would get scared too! That was all very weird to me! After that they continued to call me but I said "no" everytime. So, when I finally got tired of saying "no", I said "yes" one more time. We met and they commented like "Oh, you ARE reachable over the phone!", "Did you came down from up above?" (Whatever that means) and ultimately they asked "Why did I meet with them?" Wtf?? Then I told them that Iīm moving to another country (which really was my intention just not yet) and I thought that would finally make them give up. But, no! They sent me an email asking me nosy questions like "What am I doing there?" etc. Things that I really donīt want to share with them. I answered vaguely and then they sent another message saying "When can we come to visit you?" HELLO! This is really out of line! I never evan thought about inviting them over! Why are they doing this?!
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