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I like being called a lady sometimes, depending on the situation, of course the same holds true for female. I think with both of these words, the attitudes of the speaker are what the real issue is. The pamphlet that started this conversation I think had a real issue. Calling men "men" and women "females" to me says that the writer values men more than women. I suppose because 'men' sounds more personal than 'females' which seems more clinical.

With the term lady, it depends again on what the speaker means. If someone calls me a lady because of behavior that I've exhibited I take that as a compliment. If someone calls me lady because of behavior that they are about to engage in, then they are excluding me based on my sex, and that's not good.

I think that the only words that I do not like to be called are 'girl' and 'bitch'. Sometimes I am one, lol, but I don't like to be called that.
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