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<font size=3>Well, two really <font size=5 color=orange>WONDERFUL<font size=3 color=black> bands are <a href="">Above Arcana</a> and <a href="">Halo Effect</a>. Yeh, yeh, I know I'm plugging my boyfriend's bands. In all honesty though they are very good. <br>
<font size=-1>Or I wouldn't be so nice and let him sleep after spending the entire night putting songs together with his friend OOOOOR spending all of our money on band equipment, etc etc GROWL<font size=3><br>
My favorites aren't exactly brand new, but the best bands/cds Who else do I listen to...

Jason Falkner - amazing guy with a sense of humor and a lot of talent. Plays multiple instruments and is the sole musician on his cd's. Used to be in Jellyfish. You might think he's cute

A Perfect Circle - Very emotional, heavy/alternative.

Local H - Total fun band, sense of humor, kind of pop/heavy if you can imagine it. I'd go with "Pack up the Cats"

Tool - Who YEEEEEHHH is coming out with a new album in April. They've passed the 3 cd curse (you know how most amazing groups phase out by their third album?) so this one should be really out of this world. They had a mini-cd that accompanied a video earlier this year, but it was more a single with a lot of live/cover tunes on it.

Who else, it's so hard. No one really good is coming out...or maybe I'm just bitter because we're getting a PA instead of a house.
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