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In Loving Memory

I don't know why the angel's came,
And decided to take her away.
They must have needed someone very special,
When they carried her on their wings that day.
I wondered how they could take her from you,
And leave you here on your own.
Then l realized her love would live on inside you,
So in your heart, you would never be alone.

God must have had a greater purpose for her,
When He decided her time on earth was done.
He must have wanted her for a heavenly angel,
So she would be able to watch over everyone.

The angels told Him she were so very special,
And could make the world a greater place to live.
So with wings full of love, they took her to Heaven,
And now everyone can feel all the love "SheWhoIs" has to give.

Your Guardian Angel just got her Wings!

((( SheWhoIs ))) You were blessed with the power and knowledge to help others.
For that my friend you will be missed.
But a great sadness falls on our hearts for we have lost a friend a sister and to some a hero. A privalege it has been to be able to have you in my life. Rest in peace my friend!

((( RainBowzz )))
No words could ever tell the pain you are going through, no words could ever help neither. As you know your mother was a great person and her ways of dealing with life have been passed down to you.

You have something special in your life now, you hold the key to happiness you hold the memory of your mother. The stories you will tell will help you to never forget her until you meet again. Remember she is looking down upon you and hugging you as you cry, she is saying I love as your tears and hers fall.. May god bless you and your family.

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