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{{{WA}}} I had a feeling there was a reason you ask me had I been to the boards lately.

I have made many friends online. When I tell people I know about chatting and the friends I've made, I usually get these looks of "what planet are you from"? Why on earth would I even consider meeting people I chat with? Trying to explain the friendships to those who don't understand seems futile sometimes. Many times I hear that you can't form friendships with people you don't see face to face everyday. I know that isn't true because of the best friend I had in 3D.

I always had friends but I never had a best friend growing up. We moved so much I always wondered what was the use, all it meant was having to leave someone behind when we moved again.

I found my best friend when I was 20. We did everything together from grocery shopping to raising kids, playing cards till all hours of the morning and everything best friends do. She was always there for me, during my labors, divorce and struggles being a single mom. We were a strange combination for friends, or so people thought. It never mattered to me that Sandy never finished school or that she married when she was 15 or that she never kept her house spotless. We endured strange looks from everyone when we were out together because of the differences in us. What mattered was her loyalty to and her faith in me. We giggled at secrets and shared thoughts and dreams. We laughed and cried together and got mad at each other over silly things, but it still came back to the love and respect best friends have for each other. Sandy and I rarely saw each other in the past 15 years, but we always talked on the phone.

When Sandy died this year, part of me died with her. Or maybe I let a part of me go with her. I know one day another best friend will come along, but for now the best part of being a best friend are the memories you make, whether it's in cyberspace or in 3D.

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