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Oh my let me see.....

Now (*(*(*(ScribbleWOW)*)*)*) that wasn't mice of you to eat all the snacks and leave the dirty dishes! Besides why would anyone want to wash paper plates? We recycle here! Now (~(~(~(HoofPrintElf)~)~)~)as to being in the toilet.....well I must say that is a new one....Since we are in the Wood's where is the toilet? We do like my four footed friends! But we dig a hole and bury it! Why thanks you (~*~(~*~(~*~( ChallengeWOW )~*~)~*~)~*~) I am doing only what others such as yourself have done to nice and sweet! Now (*!*(*!*(PumpkinPatch)*!*)*!*)Thanks again! Happy Holidays and Remember its' the reason for the Season!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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