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Smile How my world came to be

About 20 years ago, at the age of 15, I started to have my first lesbian experience.She was my best friend since six grade. Just the I barely found out that my aunt was too a lesbian. I was in some way confused, because like all the girls my age began to experience their sexuality. And at that time, I came from a religous background.I never did like my family's religious belief, nor could I understand why they shunned away my aunt just because she was lesbian! Anyway fast forwarding to my best friend. I had invited her to come and spend the night with me, and she accepted it. So one night, she slept with me! it kinda scared me because, we were in my parents house. Me and my best friend wanted to get intimate so bad, instead we chose to do something different. Which broke my heart. shortly thereafter,me and best friend went our seperate ways. I was crushed as u can imagine. Well about 18 years later, I got that feeling again. I went browsing the internet for a pen pal. And I found her.We stared writting eachother back and forth. She was incarcerated in prison. I was 33 and she was 26. We liked eachother alot. Pretty soon, she was my girlfriend. We sent pictures back and forth telling eachother jokes and how our day went. I loved her, and she loved me, that was the first time I ever felt so Loved and cared about. Now the biggest mistake I had ever made was being married to a man that never gave a damn about me, and made me break up my relationship with her, or he would my parents I was involved in a lesbian relationship. And that's not all he beat and hit me even when we got married. I wished that I had never broke her heart. That was I had an addiction with alcohol and thinking how things would have been if I had stayed with her. Now I am divorced, and trying to find my way back. In my mind I believe I am better off with another woman. because no other could love me more. I do have faith that I will find her..a woman that will love me for I am and love me for life.
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