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My little guy...that is why it was hard for me to leave, but my husband and I would have awful arguments and I felt it would be better for my step son not to hear all the yelling than to have two parents. His dad really does love him so much. The two of them really are good buddies. He just has a tendancy to hollar and constantly tell me what I am doing wrong! I have tried to talk to him so many times, because he does have good qualities too. He will always be the first person to help someone in need, he always takes care of his family. He likes to be generous when he can. He always told me I could have anything I wanted. Then I would tell him that he could give me the hope diamond , but it wouldn't matter if I didn't like the way I was being treated. He now says he would like me to come back just for two months to help him get organized and get into a routine. He is feeling overwhelmed with now having to do everything alone. I don't know what to do. Some people say a clean break is best, but if I went back I could spend some time talking to my step son about what is happening. I wish my mom did not live so far away, then I could be in his life on a regular basis. My mom is in her eighties and not well. Everytime I leave her I never know if I will see her again.
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