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Unhappy Missing my friend

Sometime toward the end of November, this guy that I have worked with for five years asks me out to dinner. Now, like I said, we have worked together, but are now in differnt departements, which is perfectly ok. What makes this interesting is that we have had some confilcts, so I was shocked that he asked.
At the end of the dinner, I am told "I like you and want to continue hanging out with you, but I'm not into the 'relationship thing'." So we hung out a few times. Now, he has a nine-year-old daughter that he sees every other weekend, so I've always been very careful not to have any contact with him while he is with her. Like I said, we have had conflicts, and I was perfectly content with just working on a friendship with him.
Things were going pretty well. I was treating him like I do any of my friends. Not agressive, not pushing anything. Then, about a month ago, he turned 30 the same week that one of his friends died. Yes, he was struggling with the fact that he was turning 30. The reason I state that those two events occurred is because since then, he's been distant. I don't know if those two events have anything to do with the distance, but it's part of the time frame.
I have decided that if he cannot confide in me what is bothering him, that I cannot push him. So I've backed off. This is painful for me because we were becoming good friends. And I miss my friend. But I think in order to keep my sanity, I have to keep my distance. What do you think?
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