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July 17, 2001


In This Issue:

<><><> Back to Chat!
<><><> How to Connect
<><><> Tidbits


<> Back to Chat!

WOW is pleased to announce that we have located a new chat server
that can meet our needs and have built our rooms. We are now
ready to get back BACK TO CHAT!

This special edition of The Weaver contains all the information
you will need to join us in our new home. If you have any
problems or questions, there will be help available on the WOW
message boards, or you can email :-D

<><> How to Connect

<> mIRC, Pirch, or Ircle

If you are using a chat client, such as mIRC, Pirch, or Ircle,
you can connect to our new server by entering this information:

Port: 6667

Once you are connected to the server, you can join #WomensSpace
or #LesbianSpace and chat away! :-D

<> Java Chat

If you were chatting using our java chat client, we have installed
a new java chat client that will take you right into our rooms!

To connect, go to and click
on java chat.

<> WebTV

Last, but certainly not least, we have arranged for a WebTV IRC
linked directly to our website! To enter our rooms using that IRC,
visit and look under the heading
for WebTV.

While we can't offer official support for other IRCs, you can connect
to our new server by changing the server information, provided the author
has included that option. The server information is:

Port: 6667

<><> Tidbits

<> Help is available

Help connecting to the new server is available in a number of places.
We recommend you visit our chat help section on the WOW website if
you need help changing or setting up your chat client. Detailed
instructions can be found at the following URLs:

Help can also be found on the WOW message boards, located at:

If you need more assistance than is available in those locations,
help is available by emailing We HIGHLY
recommend that you check our website and message boards for help
before emailing, since emails have to be forwarded to the appropriate
WOW and may not be answered as quickly :-)

<> WOW Chats

WOW will be resuming our normal chat schedule as of 11pm tonight.
Please join us in WomensSpace for The Bar & Grill -

Sail in on the tradewinds and join MistyWOW & AuroraWOW at The
Bar & Grill. On the menu we offer light and casual chat, great
atmosphere, cool tunes on the jukebox, and warm tropical breezes
to soothe your tired mind! Relax and just drift with the tide. :-)

Hope to see you there!

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