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nunzy's post

I for another am getting tired of the rudeness in the room . the belittling of certian roomies, and the talking down to them. There is no reason to say anything to these roomies when it is in their personality it seems to be this way. They seem to make it a point to criticize everything that certian ones say. And alot of our good roomies are shy in nature and would never speak up, but they tend to leave also. rude jabs are taken out mostly on the quiet ones. which as you know , I am not quiet at all, but I do feel for them when they are embarressed by this . It is as if their opinions do not matter, and some are even asked if they are crazy for thinking that way. Never thought you had to think a certian way or have certian opinions to chat in this room. We all know how certian roomies can be. When they say stuff in the room , and when something is said back in defense, only then something is said...then it is more than likey said to take situation in 1/1. I try to get along with everyone in the room. I have never sat there and downed someone for thinking different than me. I just personally think that the bitterness between certian roomies are getting out of hand. If you don;t like someone, that is fine, but keep it to yourself, and don't try to drag others in the crap with you. I hope this can all be worked out. I really cherish the friends I have made chatting. It use to be such a fun room to go to full of laughs and different opinions. Now it is 50% or more snide remarks and bickering. I for one can do without the hassel. I won't sit anywhere and let anyone talk down to me, especially in a chat room.I hope this can be straightened out. They say misery loves company, but I for one do not need company that bad. Some of these people act like they dont want to get along with anyone. THey are miserable , so they think the rest should be too. This is just my opinion, and how I feel, but I can promise anyone reading this, that half the room feels this way also. Some are just peace keepers and others are too shy in nature to get involved. Others have already been shot down in the room for what they say, so why should they open up again? It is just amazing to me that grown women act like this with no regard or respect to other chatters. Hope we can get this worked out. If not, so be it. It will be a loss to alot of people. If I have said anything you don't agree with, I am open to replies. Email me if ya must. I will get back to ya. But I really do hope this mess gets straightened out. THere are alot of wonderful women in the room, and we all need a little support at times. We can be so good for each other. We don't need the hassel that goes with it though. thanks a bunch for your time..........uglygal..aka..tropicgal

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