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"Because they desperately need change"

Supporters are spending this week registering voters before state deadlines begin. Even in Tulsa, Oklahoma, people are coming out in record numbers to register to vote.
Day after day dedicated volunteers show up in packs to register voters and tell people why they support Barack Obama. This weekend was no different. The half dozen voter registration events that took place over the weekend resulted in 379 voter registrations in Tulsa, OK.

The Generation Destiny Community Center was the biggest event of the weekend. This event was a little different from some of the others which were set up outside restaurants and shopping centers. It was organized by a yet to be opened youth community center, in an area where people are struggling more often than not. The people who came to this voter registration drive were there, not so much because they want change, but because they desperately need change. Many people happened to be passing by and stopped in for the food and festivities, but a great deal were bussed in from local neighborhoods and apartment complexes. Of the nearly 200 registrants only one registered as a republican and all but 28 were registering and voting for the first time.

In a state that has traditionally been dubbed a red state, there is an obvious shift. This shift isn't so much because people prefer one party or the other but because they are ready for government that works for them, not against them. The time for change is now...and Tulsa Oklahoma is fired up!
Here are some pictures from the event...
Are you registered? Are your family and friends registered? Make sure everyone you know is registered today.

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