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I am sorry if my sincere attempt to get real info from real people has caused you to be so resentful of me! I can explain my business in clear concise terms, and will to anyone who is interested. Because I know you are NOT, I choose not to advertise here, but to ask for genuine responses from people who know more online than I do...and I get shot down in the least respectful way possible. I was hoping this site would be one where I could find more help, advice and consideration, but evidently I am wrong. It makes me all the more proud of the MOM team..we all help each other succeed, and do it with honesty, respect and compassion. The company we work for wants us to talk to people who are interested in starting a business from home because they want that person to feel that they are talking to someone real, not just some cyber-flake...they want us to tell those who are interested in the opportunity all the info they need to know Prior to beginning from a real person, not just an ad! I didn't understand that position at first, but you have definitely brought it to me loud and clear! I thank you for your input, and hope that you would reconsider your position on mom team, although I am fairly sure you would not ever concede your position.
As for PETA, and animal testing and cruelty, I am not a Peta activist, and do not keep up with the world of PETA...perhaps I should. I think animals are wonderful creatures, put on this earth to serve their purposes...I think there should be every attempt to conserve both them and the environment. Unfortunately, most North American consumers are buying products everyday which contaminate their homes, their water supply and the environment that surronds them (that may or may not have already been tested on animals some of which are proven human carcinogens). This means that everyday we are killing ourselves and the wildlife around us...I am offering a way for moderate conservationists to help alleviate this problem with safer alternatives which don't cost a lot of money. It seems to me that we are doing more to save animals than harm them, but who am I to say?...I am nothing in your eyes, a hero in others! It's all in the perspective I suppose.
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