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Good lord, I've thrown away so many of those film cases!!!!!!!

Well, this is one of those days when nothing went right.

tried to install a 24 inch sliding shelf in one of my new cabinets....well, silly me, I forgot about the cabinet door! The shelf won't slide because the door is in the way. There's no way of adjusting anything so, now I'm going to have to build a small box to install the drawer in and put it under the sink. I need it under the sink, but it's going to twice the work.

Then there's the halfbath. We're remodeling it, and the bright yellow towel and toilet tissue holders just won't do, so I painted them. To protect the paint, I put acrylic over it, and it crackled the paint. It looks horrible. So,I came in here to chill a bit before I go remove the paint and start over again. Naturally, I poured the mixed paint down the sink because NOBODY told me to put it in a film canister!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAA!!!

What kind of photo boxes are you talking about? You mean the ones that are similar to shoe boxes (which I use now) but are sturdier?
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