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check your watch !!! it's 2 minutes

check your watch it's 2 minutes and a woman is raped in United States

Between 10% and 50% of women report they have been physically abused by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

Between 12 and 25% of women have experienced forced sex by an intimate partner or ex-partner at some time in their lives
In United States, a woman is beaten every 18 minutes, between 22-35% of women who visit emergency rooms are for this reason.

check my site below:
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Not sure if the smileys are supposed to be sarcastic, or if they're misplaced, or if there's a gap in communication, but went to your site and it's interesting.

Welcome to WOW, sadashivan.
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What you have stated, sadashivan is very true, and very sad. However women here do have rights. When the perpetrator of the crime against any woman is found that person (s) will be punished. That is what is so great about this country. Women here have the right to get an education, and to be in any profession of their choosing.

No one has the right to abuse anyone. No one should stand for it. Certainly not in this day and age.

Dont' understand the reason for the smiles you placed either. Maybe I missed something.

Did check out the site. It was interesting.

Welcome to WOW sadashavian one of the the wonderful things about WOW is we can discuss, debate, and still sit and have tea together. , or move on to another subject.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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I have to agree about the smileys. They seem missplaced. As a women who's been sexualy abused I understand alot about this topic. Most women don't report what has happened to them. The last time it happened I did report it. It didn't go far. What most people don't talk bout even more is the fact that men have suffered from spousal abuse too. I think it was Montel who did a show on it. no one has the right to abuse anyone. Be it a man, woman or child. It does happen but, that doesn't make it right.
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