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Unhappy Am I wrong to be aggitated?

I'm "hanging out" with this guy (his terms). And we're getting to be good friends. The problem is... he waits until the last minute to ask me to go do something. I mean the very last minute.
Now, I like him and would possibly like for this relationship to progress with time. But I want someone who is going to think about me during the week. Someone who will ask me during the week what my weekend plans are to make sure they include him.
Now, he has a young daughter that he has every other weekend, so our free time consists of every other weekend. Our time is limited as it is.
From the way I see it, I can:
1. Keep my mouth shut and just enjoy our time together (but I'll worry that he'll take for granted that I'll always be available when he calls.)
2. Let him know how I feel (but risk losing our friendship because I will start sounding like a girlfriend.)
Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want this to be a deal breaker in the relationship, but I want to know that he?s not just killing time until someone better comes along.
All suggestions will be consiered.
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I think honesty is the best policy, as they say. If he refers to your relationship as "hanging out", it doesn't sound like he's thinking seriously about a closer relationship with you right now. If you have other ideas about that, I think you should talk about it. Yep he might run, but then you'd KNOW.
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In my opinion a relationship is always growing so the rules of play have to change from time to time. Talk to the man and see if he is willing to make adjustments to the orginal agreement. If he isn't then it's his loss.
" Life is what you make of it"
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