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Old July 25th, 2008, 12:28 AM   #1
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Angry fiance and cleaning

Hello All. I joined today because I am tired of journaling, talking to friends, and talking to him about this: cleaning. I am PMSing, a perfectionist and a virgo (those are my disclaimers) and have high standards for myself as well as others. Although he cooked dinner tonight, put clean sheets on the bed, and washed SOME of the dishes that were in the sink, I couldn't help but get aggrevated about the top shelf in the kitchen being unorganized and the fact that he ALWAYS puts clean clothes on the couch. I have read books, he has talked to both of his moms yet I still keep coming back to this. Everytime we have an "argument" it is about how I feel that he doesn't pull his weight around the house. I am a fairly independent woman and rarely ask for help (because I am picky and figure that by the time I explain it to you I could do it). He always counters that I should just ask him for help (I figure you have eyes...don't you see that the trash has become a balancing act?). What it is for me today is that I have asked for several things to be done (some months ago, others yesterday) and there is no progress. THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! I feel stuck in a wierd situation. He is really a great man but when I start feeling like this, sometimes I'd rather be alone (at least I have no one else to blame). Does anyone have any suggestions, comments, ANYTHING? I've read that men and women just see things differently but this really bothers me.
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Old July 29th, 2008, 09:39 AM   #2
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I'm not a clean freak and I feel the same way. My man is a good guy (most of the time) and generally considerate of my feelings, but not observant of anything. We've had several arguements that, when broken down, could've been solved by my just telling him what I wanted before I got upset. THEY DON'T NOTICE ANYTHING! I don't mind the division of jobs -- he can fix the central air when it breaks, I don't mind doing the grocery shopping, etc. -- but after I get home from working a 15 hour day (which I do every Sunday), I get really irritated that he couldn't even bother to put his popcans on the kitchen counter. I said something a few times, that didn't work... Finally one day I was really irritated and just ended up throwing pop cans all around the kitchen - yeah, I know, real mature. He at least makes an attempt now...

I don't know...
I think they're all just pretty much clueless. Let him know specifically the things you would like him to do (such as clothes don't go here, etc.) and see how that goes.

good luck
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