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"A grassroots effort"

Yesterday we asked you to help us reach 50,000 new donors to our movement by Friday at midnight. Our supporters are stepping up to that challenge to fight against the John McCain's dishonest and negative campaign. They know that change does not come from lobbyists running a campaign, but it comes from the bottom up. It comes from the ordinary Americans who stand together and fight against the divisive politics of Washington.

To help reach our goal, a first time donation will be matched by regular donors'. That means that regular donors can inspire someone to make their first donation. And every donation that is made will go twice as far. Supporters are reaching out to each other and here's what they are saying...

Jessamyn from North Carolina:
I am so excited to see a politician refuse money from Washington lobbyists. I don't have a lot of money, but Barack Obama winning this election is important to me. I hope it is important to you too!
Chyrise from New York:
We are sick of the war on the middle class. We need change in Washington and in the USA. If you believe that change can happen from grassroots action please support Barack's campaign.
Eric from Colorado:
Now is the time to end the greed in this country that has practically eliminated the middle class. Its time for our government to work for us and not special interests with big money.
Joseph from Georgia:
Thank You for your helping Barack Obama do what needs to be done right now: Take special interest groups and PACs out of Washington and give it back to the people!

Your Donation will help do just that.
JB from Tennessee:
Don't believe the Republicans' campaign of "fear and smear" again. Eight years of incompetence is more than enough for any nation.
Steve from California:
Thanks for joining the millions of regular people, each contributing hundreds of dollars instead of hundreds of special interests contributing millions of dollars to keep power in the hands of the few. Some smart guys once wrote "We, the People..." We deserve a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Thanks and pass it on.
Anna from Texas:
I am supporting Obama because he is NOT a Washington insider which is what this country needs: someone who will not think like McCain, someone who will think outside the box and not be influenced by lobbyists and PACs. I want a candidate who works for me, not big business.
Priscilla from New York:
It is my pleasure to match your campaign contribution. Because Senator Obama does not accept money from federal lobbyists and PAC's it is all the more important that individuals like you are willing to invest in this campaign. Thank you for your support.
Randy from Colorado:
Thank you for your help with America's hope for change and fresh leadership. This is truly a grassroots effort to beat the mean political machine of the RNC.
Joanna from Illinois:
I'm so glad that you are able and ready to join the financial support of the campaign. I know it can be hard to make the sacrifice, but it also feels great to be a part of this. We are funding this campaign, not big oil, not big pharmacy money, not lobbyists. It is this feeling of being a part of the process that makes the Obama campaign feel different, and work differently.
Kem from Texas:
We're fighting against the big Washington lobbyists and the Republican smear machine.
Help us bring change to Washington. Make a donation today and inspire a fellow supporter to join you in owning a piece of this campaign.

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