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Road Blog: Barack in Abington, Pennsylvania

Barack returned to Pennsylvania today for a rally in Abington, a suburb of Philadelphia. According to Chief of Police Bill Relly, about 6000 folks stood on the field or sat in the bleachers at the Abington High School football field. Also in attendance were some familiar Pennsylvania faces: Senator Bob Casey and Governor Ed Rendell.

Bob Casey made it plain, saying "This is a very simple choice between change and more of the same. We can't have more of the same, we have to vote for Obama-Biden." Ed Rendell couldn't have agreed more. "Joe Biden and Barack Obama want to look to the future," he explained. "They are not scared, they are ready to lead, to roll up their sleeves."

But the best case for change was made by Bob Rupert, a local. Bob worked at an HVAC company until he was let go due to downsizing. He now works 45 hours a week refurbishing bakery equipment, and another 15 as a bartender.
How much would Bob and his family save under the Obama tax plan?

• $1000 Making Work Pay tax cut
• $4,000 refundable tax credit to help send their child to college
• Matching $500 tax credit for the first $1,000 of retirement savings
• Lowered healthcare costs by $2,500

It could make a real difference.

Hear is a video clip in which Barack discusses his tax plan:
Arun Chaudhary
October 3rd, 2008
Abington, Pennsylvania

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