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Everybody Knows Somebody

Most of you are already registered to vote. Many of you voted for Barack in the primaries, and some of you have already early voted for Barack Obama for president. But all of you know someone who isn't registered.
The deadline to register in many states is midnight tomorrow (Monday) night. Deadlines in the remaining states follow shortly after. This will be an historic election, one of the most important of our lives. It will also be a incredibly close election.
Tonight there is nothing more important that you can do than reach out to that friend our family member who isn't registered to let them know that this is their last chance to be part of this election.
It only takes a minute.
You can use our invite form to email friends and family to let them know about VoteForChange.com, where they can find all the information they'll need to register before the deadline.
If you have a Facebook profile, you can use our Obama Facebook application to send voter registration reminders to your friends in just seconds.
If you have an iPhone, you can download our free Obama 08 iPhone application, which organizes the numbers in your phonebook by state and helps you keep track of who you've contacted.
Or you can just pick up a phone, or send an email on your own. It doesn't matter how you do it; what matters is that you do it.
As Greg in Herriman, New York explained earlier this evening in the comments:
TRUE STORY. Close friend of mine, very intelligent, after 4 years of marriage, discovered that her thoughtful news-watching husband was NOT registered to vote.

TRUE STORY. Political activist friend of mine, always talking intelligently about political maneuvers and the mechanics of government, DOESN'T ever bother to vote.

I know you don't think you need to consider this, but there are people you know that you'd bet a paycheck are registered to vote, that are not! Trust me on this.


Ask tonight!

Be kind & humble, but ask.
Be humble, be kind, but ask tonight.

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