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In love with a woman
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Question am I really a bisexual?

When I fell in love with my best friend, I have accepted that I'm a bisexual and I'm quite sure of it but last night, as I talked to my girlfriend, she asked me if there's a chance that I'll go to bed with another woman. Its not about trust issues though. She was just curious because she is the first woman that I loved and cared for and she knew that within the past 21 years, I believe I'm straight.

So I told her that I can't see myself with another woman whether I'm in a relationship with her or not. I just don't think I can make love with another woman if it is not her. I even thought that if we are going to break up, I don't think I can fall in love with another woman. She's basically the woman that I want to be my first and last.

We are on an online relationship right now but we have plans of meeting next year. But now, after we talked last night, She was worried that I'm straight and when I meet her, I would realized that I want a guy and not a woman.

But as for me, I don't really think its true. I have imagined my life with her.. and it always make me smile. I know I love her so much. I love her with all my life but now, I'm starting to think whether i'm really a bisexual or not..

Why do I think its 'eew' to be with another woman but if I am to imagine myself with her, I like it. I just can't imagine myself being with another woman. She's the only one that turns me and the only one that I really really want.

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hi r u lesbian
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I don't know why you are dubious on ur sexual Identity. That's not important if u love her. aren't you? Don't worry. 70% of human are bi. If u r fallen in love with a woman, just go for her. Life is yours.
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