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Can they exist and would you contact them?

Most gays do not but remember the best way to defeat any group is to divide it, then conquest is easy.

We all need to be united not marginalised
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, a gr8 peer support
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forgive my ignorance, but are you refering to a guy that has " the operation" to become a "lesbian"? If so, I know one that did and he and his LEGALLY MARRIED wife, are very happy that way. To my mind, if I fall in love with someone that was honest about it, then that kinda thing doesnt really matter. It's who they are inside that matters.
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About Intersex.

I saw a movie that a man was gay and he fell in love with a lesbian. He looked so much like a woman. He was suppose to have the operation or something. I don't know if I will be with a person that has a sex change. I have seen women that have operations to be a man. I think I would date a woman like that if she doesn't get the operation of the genitals. I don't want to be with a man. I can deal with a woman taking testosterone, but not with the entire organ operation. If she gets the breasts removed it's fine, but other than no. I like women. I saw this woman that's a photographer and she doesn't have the operation of the genitals. She looks so much like a man. I don't have a problem dating someone like that. The only thing is that sometimes men pass me by and smile, but I think they are all men and can't tell the difference from a transman. I am in alot of ways lost as to knowing who is who. By the way I'm a Butch. I also like women that look Butchy too. If she is a woman good. I like women.
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I'm having a problem with MTFs who identify as lesbian. I'm just not attracted to people who are not biologically female. It's not a judgmental thing, I'm just not attracted to trans women (male to female). Sometimes it's easy to fool someone on the internet, and this is a big problem for me in online dating. Anyone else's thoughts on this?
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Kimberly :)
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I strongly agree
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