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Chapter 7 (A nod to Mitchner)

There was fog for eons. Then one day, a bird shat. Then another. Soil borne on westernward winds deposited soil. Emerging from the dung of time was an island, a glimmer in the wild blue that would be called Pacific. Trendils grew, flowers emerged, trees shot up to praise the sun. Lizards basked on bastalt rock, lazy in the tropical sun.

The wind blew for four years, slowly sailing the island eastward. In its journey it gathered moss and kelp, coral and surfing geckos. Flowers erupted in a cascade of colors and birds brought a caliope of sounds. Slowly the island sailed into the bay, merging into Stinson Beach, or the land that would be called Stinson in a mere 45.3 million years.

It was there the first clue could be found.
"Life is sweet / in spite of the misery / life is short, so be grateful." ~ Natalie Merchant
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Talking More!

Author! Author!
We must travel in the direction of our fear. --John Berryman
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<i>I am sorry to be so late in writing my next chapter. The dog ate the computer.</i>

Chapter 8

I watched her leave, watched those long slender legs fade away. I had to shake this dame.

An hour later I was on the beach, wandering aimlessly, waiting for the facts that raced through my head to settle. Stinson Beach. Pale white beach washed with icy bay water. Brave boys swimming and girls trying to tan in the butterilk sun.

Why had she left Monseratte? What became of the purple pillbox hat? What about those rumors that she had been in bed with the Vichey?
"Life is sweet / in spite of the misery / life is short, so be grateful." ~ Natalie Merchant
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Chapter 9

I remember Paul. Tall, lean almost thin, he liked flannel suits and jaunty ties. He had a reputation for being a shadowy man, like a rat he would scurry along the walls and hug the shadows, maybe that's why they called hi a shadowy man. Before he washed up in Monseratte, he had been in the Fre, French Foreign Legion, stationed in Algiers.

Ironic that he should have arrived in Monseratte just weeks before the French, like a man on a mission to make a beachhead. Exactly like that I guess.

Miss Biggie was doing two shows a night when he swept into town. She was the toast of the island, adored by bad men, loathed by good women. Fortunately for her, good women were outnumbered by bad men 34:1.

Once, as I walked the quiet streets near dawn, I heard the together. She was laughing. I heard the light tink of glasses. A radio was playing a Tommy Doresy song. He laughed and said, voice rough with cheap wishkey, "I do it for France."

He was never who he seemed to be.
"Life is sweet / in spite of the misery / life is short, so be grateful." ~ Natalie Merchant
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We interrupt this novel for a brief return to the original topic......I just got in on this, and of course can't shut up when I have an opinion....

For me, laws are tools. With all due respect for the people who consider and form and interpret and enforce the laws, I think they are simply the tools we use when education has failed. (An educator heard from.... :-D )

And now back to Miss Biggie, Paul, Rocky and Bullwinkle, et.al.

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I hope the conclusion isn't going to reveal a PI staring passively at a prop plane departing from a foggy dark airport.
Being kind is more important than being right...
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Smile This is what i think

On the issue to ignore laws, we shouldn't in general. However, based upon need and the situation is when you must do what you have to do. There are times when it can't be helped. But does that make you a bad person? No because we are all human and have to do what is best for the situation. Although, we should do our best not to keep on repeating the same thing whenever the mood strikes us.
Much love and huggers
May the Great Spirit guide your Heart to lead your path
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Happy Gay Pride ! Saturday is my Gay Pride day. We are going to have a parade for the first time in 22 years in my town. There is also going to be the usual Gay Pride Festival in the park with vendors, information booths and live music ( local artists).
MCC church is going to be part of the parade as well as offer child care for Festival goers as a gift back to the community.
Are you going to your Pride Celebration? Have you thought of a little act of kindness you can do for you community?
" Life is what you make of it"
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A survivor of chaos
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I would but there isnt one here, will have to find where one is at around my area...Yes I do support the right to freedom of happiness for everyone....So know that in my heart I am with you Minty!
All of my love and prayers
Have a great day!
May you walk in the shadow of the Great Spirit~To help others is a special gift we can either give or take~The more you give the more you receive~
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Hooked on The OC!
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Is there a ringyourneck tone?
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it is do fantastic site .the most wonderful thing is yo express you feelings
and talk about your inner thoughts free.and that is what i find here
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Good afternoon all.....Happy New Year
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I am reading Joyce Carol Oates' journal, 1973-1982. She writes a lot about her dreams. Reminds me a bit of Anais Nin. Anyone read her journals?
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Red face

I've picked up Anais Nin's journals from the library several times, but haven't made it through them yet. As interested as I can be in an author or person in general, journals are not a format that I can just sit down and read. I tend to simply graze through them, nibbling on portions here and there. Is AN the one who said something about the risk of remaining closed being greater than the risk to bloom (I know I'm butchering that quote)?
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