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Question Anxiety & Me... How to Overcome It?

Hello Everyone,

I just joined the WOW community today and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct section or not (if I am not) I do apologize. I've been browsing and reading some very interesting post from some amazing ladies which have inspired me to write about what i'm currently dealing with at the moment. I will try my best not to bore y'll with a long drawn out post and try to cover my most important concern.

For the past couple of years I've had my share of up's and down's with relationships, family, health and my anxiety. At one point in life, I use to be happy, sociable and enjoyed living but lately my struggle with anxiety has increased and I've become so disconnected with the real world & society... I basically have no life outside the four walls within my home, I'm no longer connected with friends, I'm afraid to drive, my confidence has been shot to hell and I'm constantly in fear of everything and everyone around me and I don't know whether to cry or stay angry at myself for being weird. I've been dealing with anxiety & panic attacks for many years, i'm not sure how or when it all began but it has consumed my entire life and all i want is a better understanding of how do i take back control of my life.

I try to remain hopeful and think positive that one day soon i'll be able to live a normal healthy life without fear or anxiety. I just want to be at peace, happy and free.

I'm seeking some guidance from anyone out there who can relate or have experienced anxiety, i'd like to hear how you overcame it and began living a healthy normal lifestyle?

Thank you all in advance for reading my post and providing your support and helpful advice.

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