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Unhappy The marena

hello! i am wondering if there is anyone with stories similar to mine.... i got the Marena six weeks after my son was born and loved it. for about the first year. since the first year i have had massive hair loss, severe depression and worst of all i have had 3 miscarriages. each of which i was told that i would just expel it naturally and not to worry about it. why would i not worry about it? i was told by someone who i thought was a good friend that i am a baby killer and that i should get it taken out.... i would. except that i no longer have health insurance and the gyno wants to charge me $200 to get the thing removed. i know life is not fair but i think that there is something wrong when i am having these sorts of problems and i can't even remove the root cause. I also was ashamed of the miscarriages and didn't tell anyone until i became aware that my aunt and best friend were also quietly going through the same thing. i am looking for anyone that has any advice or even just a story like mine.
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I don't know what state you're in. Check out your health options there. Where the marina may be the cause of your health problems there may be a way the state will cover it.
Miscarriages happen for a reason. Your friend was very wrong & extremely cruel to call you a baby killer. How insensitive. Are you aware that their are groups for women who have had miscarriages, yes they finally recognized the women who have suffered though this loss.

Check with your local clinic, maybe they can put you in touch with a gyn that will help you out. I hope so. It's rough not having med ins. Check out all your options.
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If you've gotten pregnant 3 times with Mirena in place, then the device is obviously not working correctly, so you really should consider using another form of birth control until you can figure out a solution to the larger problem. You can't undo the miscarriages you've already had, but you definitely should protect yourself and your health in the future.

I think it would also be worth your time to report the serious side effects you're having to the FDA Medwatch system, if you're in the US. If others are having the same problems, encourage them to report too, so it will create a "paper trail" with the folks that can actually take action with the manufacturer. You can make a report to the FDA here:

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thank you

thank you to both of you for your responses. i have talked to the other 2 women that have had the same problems and we are all going to report the problem. thank you again!
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I actually had the Mirena in for almost a year. At the end of the year, it did not help with my problem and my ob/gyn removed it as a part of my yearly exam.

It is not for everyone, and I would definitely report your symptoms and talk to you ob/gyn about removal - or perhaps call your local county health facility and see if they can recommend someone else to remove it.

good luck to you.
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