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Communication is Key in Harmony and Conflict

Communication Problems in Relationships

Hello Ladies,

What 3 reasons have you been able to identify as communication challenges or hindrances in your relationships?

I am a speaker, consultant and author specializing in Family Unity. My next project pays special attention to communicating in relationships (behavioral patterns, the role the environment plays, emotional tendencies, etc.).

Thanks for your feedback.
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kim metcalf
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Hello Ladies;
I need help with a problem that I'm having. The young man that I have been involved with for the last year and 7 and half months, has me so confused. Well things were going great for us, until him mother turned on me. She started putting things into his head that I was doing to her and his sister's, when he ask me did I do does things I told him NO!, he said he believed me but just few weeks ago he moved out, stating that he was moving in with his mother. Well we had made agreement that I would make sure he got to work& ect. Because we had just brought a car together. Well here lately he hasn't had to much to say to me but this past Monday morning he called to ask if he could use the car. I let him use it, then he called again to ask if I could start taking him back and forth to work. Ladies I have no problem in doing this because I love him. But how long is it going to take before his mother start butting back into our lives. I feel that he wants to move back in with me, but his pride is standing in the way along with mom. What should I do about this problem. Please keep in mind that I really love him.
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